Posteado por: xilosafano | febrero 8, 2010

FMA Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Trailer AMV

101109 Update: For some reason the annotations are not working (for me, anyways) can you let me know if they’re working for you? Also, I’m making a new FMA AMV since season one is over…

First time I’ve ever made something like this; I’m more accustomed to making AMVs, but there’s not much difference. This is after the new Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood series; hope yall like it.
**And yes, I realize that there are 2 different video sizes. Why this is a fact escapes me. I got videos from two different RAW distributors for Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, so the sizes were different. =/ Sorro~

FMA Brotherhood (Eps 1-11)

(0:000:31) Requiem for a Dream (Orchestral Version)
(0:321:39) Pompeii – ES Posthumus
(1:402:43) Heaven Help Us (Europa Instrumental)

DISCLAIMER – FMA does not belong to me in any way and I in no way claim that it is mines. Full Metal Brotherhood belongs to BONES and Hiromu Arakawa.

In case anyone’s wondering what the words say at the beginning:
(00:07)Two Brothers…
(00:16)Become Alchemists…
(01:43)The brother’s journey begins

Additional tags:
FMA, Fullmetal, Full metal Alchemist, Brotherhood, Edward Elric, anime, manga, animation, trailer, amv, full metal brotherhood,


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